Carolynn Bottino

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I can help you save money!  Bookkeeping is one of the most important steps in taking control of your finances.  If you don't have time, or don't like to deal with tracking money, I can get your finances organized, keep your income and expenses tracked, and keep your checkbook in balance. 

Services Offered

Bookkeeping for personal, small business and non-profits

  • Financial organization - weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Bank reconciliation and checkbook balancing
  • Bill paying/accounts payable
  • Invoices/accounts receiveable
  • Payroll

Tax preparation for personal and small business

Budget creation and management for special projects

  • Home improvement or construction projects
  • Events - weddings, family reunions, parties
  • Travel

Forensic accounting - I can piece it all together from your bank statements, shoebox of receipts, or whatever you have!  A perfect service in preparation for tax season.  


Several pricing options are available based on your needs.

  • Hourly rates 
  • Monthly rates based on needs and number of transactions
  • Flat rate for projects 

Financial Services 

Stay on top of your personal or small business finances   

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